Adam Ficek

Adam Ficek is an English songwriter and musician who performs under the moniker Roses Kings Castles and was a songwriter and member of Babyshambles whilst more recently becoming a Doctor of Psychotherapy.

Blow Up Songs publishes for the world all of Adam’s share of songs that he co-wrote whilst as a member of Babyshambles, Mains Ignition, The White Sport and for his solo project Roses Kings Castles.

Adam Ficek’s Babyshambles songs are taken from The Blinding EP (2006) and Shotter’s Nation (2007) both released by Parlophone Records. These songs are The Blinding, Love You But You’re Green, I Wish, Bed Steal or Borrow, Sedative and UnBilotitled.

Prior to joining Babyshambles Adam along with Babyshambles Patrick Walden had been members of The White Sport with Andrew Aveling for which Blow Up Songs publishes all of the writers.

Adam was a writer member of Mains Ignition who released a new version of Mains Ignition recordings as HQ Redchurch Street (2021) on Acid Jazz Records.

Adam Ficek – Discography (Bold – published songs of Adam Ficek)

Mains Ignition – Turn on (Tummy Touch) – 2002

The White Sport – Songs the Postman can whistle (High Society) – 2004

Babyshambles – Down in Albion (rough trade) 2005

Babyshambles – The Blinding (EMI) – 2006

Babyshambles – Shotters Nation (EMI) – 2007

Peter Doherty – Grace Wasteland (EMI) – 2008

Roses Kings Castles – Roses Kings Castles (The Sycamore club) – 2008

Roses Kings Castles – Ltd edition cassette EP – 2009

Roses Kings Castles – Apples & Engines EP – 2009

Roses Kings Castles – Suburban Time Bomb – 2010

RKC – British Plastic – 2011

Adam Ficek ‘EP 1’ 2017