Aki Omori

Aki Omori is published worldwide by Blow Up Songs, this includes her co-writes with The Orb and Freaky Realistic.

Aki a London based artist was a vocalist for Freaky Realistic for their one album Frealism for Polydor Records, the single from which Koochie Ryder was later picked by actor Bill Nighy, who chose it as one of his Desert Island Discs selection.

Aki was later a featured guest vocalist for The Orb for tracks Once More which peaked at #38 on the UK Singles Chart and Centuries both taken from the album Cydonia (Island Records 2001) and also for the track Sail with The Orb. Alex Paterson of The Orb commenting on Once More “Aki Omori used to sing with a band called Freaky Realistic and we hooked up a few years ago. For once, we actually sat down round the kitchen table and started writing the song – which is unheard of for me”.

Aki also worked for a time with William Orbit for the project Strange Cargo.