Ali Heath

Ali Heath hails from Stoke-on-Trent in the United Kingdom. He has previously released three records as a member of psychedelic troubadours Alfa 9 (Blow Up Records). This is the first solo outing for Heath with the album ‘When the Day is Done,’ due for release in the summer 2022..

Heath conjures sounds reminiscent of Doves meets a youthful Beck, seared with exotic flavours of Mayfield-style percussion and Santana-esque guitar work. He creates sounds that ebb and flow between echoes of finely balanced shades and tones of a Cocteau Twins set staple, and solid guitar motifs which give way to wavering synths reminiscent of Joy Division’s masterwork ‘Decades’, on the album Closer. Think Marr infused jangle and stripped back drum cracks, and a lyrical meter which is also reminiscent of a heyday Morrissey, but with a distinct North Staffordshire brogue pleading to the listener for a warm embrace.

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