Aspic Boulevard

Aspic Boulevard are Sicilian Brothers Marco and Alessandro Barrano, they recently released their debut album Memory Recall of a Replicant Dream on Blow Up Records. Marco Barrano is the songwriter for all the album compositions and is published by Blow Up Songs for the world.

Blow Up Songs represents Blow Up Records (masters) and publishing for the world for One Stop sync licencing requests.

With Memory Recall of a Replicant Dream the whole project is a sound collage that puts together retro-Futurism, classic sci-fi nuances of 60s & 70s cinematic music, psychedelia and Kosmische.

“Old gear meets dystopian futures. The result is a truly unique record” Prog Magazine (UK)

“Like Syd Barrett is contributing to Ralf & Florian”, “Like Joe Meek producing Jean-Michel Jarre”, “Space age bachelor music for the now generation.” Electronic Sound Magazine (UK)

“It’s quite a bold experiment nonetheless, as indeed is the whole LP. One to watch.” Shindig Magazine (UK)

“Phenomenal album, of rare compositional depth, well-finished and particularly original.” Classic Rock (Italy)

“Impeccable and inspired.” Rumore (Italy)

“Enjoyable, shameless, unpredictable”, “A debut album. Incredible, original, different.” Rockerilla (Italy)