Patrick Walden

 Patrick Walden is a British songwriter and guitarist, a former member of groups Babyshambles and The White Sport for which he co-wrote various songs.

The titles include Babyshambles top 5 UK hit Fuck Forever and other titles co-written with Pete Doherty for the UK top 10 album Down In Albion released by Rough Trade Records in 2005. These titles include The 32nd of December, Pipedown, Sticks and Stones, 8 Dead Boys, In Love With a Feeling, Loyalty Song and Up The Morning.

For the band The White Sport, Blow Up Songs publishes all of Patrick’s co-written songs with Andrew Aveling and Adam Ficek for the album ‘Songs The Postman Can Whistle’ released by High Society Records in 2004. Blow Up Songs already publishes all of the other White Sport writers for the same album.

The song Fuck Forever is featured in the Pete Doherty documentary film ‘Stranger In My Own Skin’ directed by Katia deVidas and on general release from November 2023.