Author: Paul Tunkin

SILVERY 'Horrors' for Children's Hospital

The Silvery track ‘Horrors’ from their 2008 debut ‘Thunderer & Excelsior‘ was used in Episode 7 of Series 4 of the US series Children’s Hospital.

BIG BOSS MAN 'B.O.O.G.A.L.O.O.' for Underbelly Razor

The instrumental track ‘B.O.O.G.A.L.O.O.’ from Big Boss Man‘s 2005  second album ‘Winner‘ was used in Episode 5 of Channel Nine’s hit show ‘Underbelly Razor’ in Australia this December.

NEON PLASTIX "Gentlemen's Gold" for 33 by ASICS™

‘Gentlemen’s Gold’ (instrumental) from Neon Plastix’ 2010 debut album ‘Awesome Moves’ has been used in a new US TV ad for ASICS new ’33’ range entitled ‘Gravity, Meet Your Archenemy’.

NEON PLASTIX "Neon Invasion" for 'The Dilemma' Soundtrack...

‘Neon Invasion’ from Doncaster’s finest Neon Plastix features on the soundtrack for the new Ron Howard film The Dilemma featuring Vince Vaughn. It’s taken from their 2010 debut Awesome Moves.

BIG BOSS MAN "Kelvin Stardust" for Renault...

Renault will extend the run of their Worldwide TV advert in 2011. The advert features the Big Boss Man track “Kelvin Stardust” taken from their 2nd album “Winner” 

BIG BOSS MAN "Humanize" for Bergenbier / World Cup 2010...

Big Boss Man score another World Cup goal, this time with the track “Humanize” taken from their 1st album of the same name “Humanize”. It has been used as the soundtrack for the Bergenbier TV advert to be broadcast in Romania during World Cup 2010 featuring Romanian team captain Cristi Chivu (Inter Milan).

In 2006, Big Boss Man’s “Party 7” again from their 1st album, featured in the Worldwide Nike “Joga Bonita” World Cup campaign, starring Thiery Henry. The track also features on the ‘100 Hits Football Anthems’ compilation released this June.

BIG BOSS MAN "Kelvin Stardust" for Renault "Fluence" 2009/2010...

Big Boss Man score a double-header with their track “Kelvin Stardust” taken from their 2nd album “Winner”. The track is being used as the soundtrack for Renault’s new Worldwide TV advert for the new “Fluence”. The english-language version is shown here.

BIG BOSS MAN "Kelvin Stardust" for "Ugly Betty"

The Big Boss Man track “Kelvin Stardust” taken from their 2nd album “Winner” will feature in an episode of the forthcoming final series of Ugly Betty.

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