Adam Ficek extends agreement with Blow Up Songs to include all of his Babyshambles and solo songs.

We are pleased to announce that Adam Ficek has extended a worldwide publishing agreement with Blow Up Songs to represent his share of the songs co-written whilst as a member of Babyshambles and for all of his solo releases as RKC (Roses Kings Castles). These add to the catalogue of songs that Blow Up already represents of Adam’s whilst he was a member of The White Sport and Main’s Ignition.

Adam Ficek’s Babyshambles co-written songs were released as part of The Blinding EP (2006) and Shotter’s Nation (2007) both released by Parlophone Records. These songs are The Blinding, Love You But You’re Green, I Wish, Bed Steal or Borrow, Sedative and UnBilotitled.

Adam is an is a English musician and songwriter whilst also a psychotherapist.