Coastlines sign to Blow Up Songs

We are pleased to announce that Coastlines via Gifted Limited (Japan) have signed a sub publishing agreement with Blow Up Songs for music publishing representation for UK and European territories.

Coastlines are DJ / producer Masanori Ikeda and cro-magnon keyboardist Takumi Kaneko.

They have released EPs on vinyl-only from Flower Records which sold out instantly and attracted attention from music lovers in Japan and abroad, including a licensing offer from the prestigious chill-out label “Music For Dreams” in Europe.

Two albums have been released to date, the self-titled Coastlines (2019) and Coastlines 2 ((2022)

The music could be described as laid-back mix of instrumental downtempo, Balearic, fusion, haunting chill-out and other musical styles that make Coastlines an essential soundtrack for the after hours.

Masanori Ikeda started DJ activities in London in the early 1990s with various DJ residences including at the Blow Up club at the Laurel Tree and then at the Wag Club in the mid nineties. Masanori has therefore had a long association with Blow Up and we are pleased to be working with him again in a publishing capacity.

After returning home to Japan, Masanori activities became based in Tokyo where he started music production activities.

Masanori Ikeda, as solo artist Mansfield released numerous albums, 12 inches EP released. Among them, “City Lights” released in 2008 gained popularity to become sold out immediately as analog release.

Various works have been licensed to compilation albums both in Japan and abroad, whilst he is also a respected remixer for various artists.

As a DJ and as a songwriter, he has released various official Mix CD series and compilation albums with such companies as V2, Avex, EMI, Flower Recored etc.

In 2017, started chill out project with keyboard player Takumi Kaneko, named Coastlines.

Masanori provided music for Flower Records 20th anniversary commemorative compilation album “Past and Future”

August 2018 saw the release of “Coastlines E.P.” their first single.

Takumi Kaneko, keyboardist of cro-magnon (Jazzy Sport) Started playing with the piano from the age of 0. In 1996, he moved to the United States with an aim of being a Jazz Pianist, but after going back to Japan, he moved through Hip-Hop and Dance Music, whilst being an active as a member of cro-magnon.

And in 2013, released a solo album “Unwind”.

In parallel with solo live performances he has made live guest performances, production cooperation, and been involved in diverse musical sessions.

In 2017, started chill out project with DJ Masanori Ikeda, named Coastlines.

Flower Records 20th anniversary commemorative compilation album “Past and Future” he provided music.

A rare keyboardist who is always challenging to a new world.