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Vanessa Anne Redd signs to Blow Up Songs

We are pleased to announce that Vanessa Anne Redd has signed a worldwide publishing agreement with Blow Up Songs for the representation of her songs that includes all the titles for her recent solo albums alongside co-written songs for Rubicks and Six Years.

Vanessa Anne Redd is a London based British / German singer-songwriter. She released her third solo Vanessa Anne Redd record “Sweet Way Around” in 2021, following on from her critically acclaimed solo debut “Behind the Wall” and “Zumbo Waxes”. VAR makes raw alternative folk-rock, sweeping melodies mixing cathartic darkness and light. Her solo work is inspired by artists such as Syd Barrett, Holly Go-Lightly, Nico, Elliot Smith, Leonard Cohen, Billy Childish and Angel Olson. 

She’s received support from BBC Radio’s Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, Janice Long and Radio X’s John Kennedy, along with a coveted Album of the Month recommendation by UK music magazine Loud & Quiet, and praise by magazines such as UNCUT, RnR and Clash Magazine

 She has previously released albums as part of electronic act Rubicks, and alt-folk duo Six Years, has toured the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA with the likes of Gary Numan and John Foxx and played SXSW and Canadian Music Week. 

Her music has been released through her co-owned label Sharp Attack Records and licensed to Universal, Mute, Modular DJ’s and Rough Trade compilations. It has appeared in fashion films (Valentino/Pam Hogg) and skate/snowboarding videos. 

Vanessa co-runs her own label Sharp Attack Records with long time collaborator Marc Makarov with whom she has been working co-producing acts on their label (Phoebe Coco/The Durrell Family). She also makes her own films and videos to accompany her own music. 

Phoebe Coco signs to Blow Up Songs

We are pleased to announce that Phoebe Coco has signed a publishing agreement with Blow Up Songs for the worldwide representation for the compositions of her debut album ‘My White Horse and I’.

Phoebe Coco is a London based British singer songwriter. With ‘My White Horse and I‘ (Sharp Attack Records) she invites you to step inside a unique world of sound and music, songs with lilting lyrics and mesmerising hooks; a whirlpool of voice, piano and electronica- ‘Somewhere between Electro-pop and whimsical alternative folk’ (Beatnik)

‘Phoebe Coco has just the thing’
Tom Robinson- BBC 6 Music
A sense of being slightly unsettled but utterly intoxicated at the same time, excited with a
certain amount of trepidation & everything is a bit mysterious’ ‘Effortlessly compelling’.
Adam Watson BBC Introducing Wales
Beautiful young artist
David Preshaah Hoxton Radio
‘This is lovely – the laconic vocal puts me in mind of Anna Calvi in places, in others Oh Land.
Feels like a dark fairytale…’
Sarah Gosling

Ali Heath extends publishing agreement with Blow Up Songs for forthcoming solo album.

We are pleased to announce that Ali Heath has signed a new publishing agreement with Blow Up Songs for worldwide publishing representation for his forthcoming debut solo album When the Day is Done, to be released in 2022.

Ali is of course one quarter of Alfa 9, who Blow Up Songs has had a long relationship with as publisher for his and all bands writers for their three albums to date on Blow Up Records.

The Helicopter of the Holy Ghost signs to Blow Up Songs

We are pleased to announce that Helicopter of the Holy Ghost songwriters, Billy Reeves, Crayola Lectern and Gavin Fisher have signed agreements with Blow Up Songs for worldwide representation of their songs of the album ‘Afters’. The highly acclaimed album which reached #14 Independent charts, #26 vinyl charts and was released by K-Scope Records in 2021.

The Helicopter of The Holy Ghost are Billy Reeves, Crayola Lectern and Mark Morriss

Billy Reeves formed The Audience for a bet in the mid nineties, fortunately meeting the fabulous Sophie Ellis-Bextor two days later at The Garage, Islington. (He won the bet seven months later). The band reached the dizzy heights of 12 in the LP charts. In 2000 he signed to Sony with the group ‘Yours’ but this project was violently curtailed by joy-riders that hit his Morris Minor at 99 mph (on the way home from promoting the first ever gig by the popular heavy metal band, The Darkness). A long coma, many operations and a housebound year ensued. In 2017 his brother gave him two mini-discs that had been saved from the wreckage, including demos of songs he had forgotten – due to crash-related amnesia. These songs were recently moulded into an album, ‘Afters’ by Reeves, Mark Morris, (solo artist and singer with the chart-topping guitar-janglers The Bluetones), Mark Peters (of Engineers – Rough Trade included his solo LP ‘Innerland’ in their best albums list of 2018), and Crayola Lectern (from Crayola Lectern/Zofff/la Momo/Departure Lounge and Damo Suzuki’s band up the Con Club in Lewes). 

The Helicopter of the Holy Ghost album Afters – in the media.

UNCUT: “…luxurious laments…dominated by a morose beauty. 8/10”

PROG: “Mark Morriss turns these melodic songs into something poetic…the result is a lovely album”

MOJO: “fittingly dreamlike…a deeply cryptic underbelly”

LOUDER THAN WAR: “merits repeated listens, weaving an indefinable spell”


“Crayola Lectern’s playing… autumnal prog of (the) Canterbury Scene nodding to artists like Robert Wyatt or Bob Stanley’s ‘English Weather’ compilations”

GIDEON COE, BBC 6MUSIC: “mighty fine. The story is quite something; the record is quite something too”

ROBERT ELMS, BBC RADIO LONDON: “See, I told you it was good!”

THE WEE REVIEW, SCOTLAND “A dazzling debut, unique, compelling”

BIG ISSUE: “defies the odds, astonishing it was ever made”

POPIPTICA albums of the month: “Slowly rendered after a long period hidden away, Afters is a colourful but never pushy album to keep you company for many days yet to come”

GOD IS IN THE TV: “…a startlingly beautiful record. One that uncovers different elements and depths every time you listen. When you add together musical talents such as Crayola Lectern, Mark Morriss and Simon Raymonde and fold that into the melodies from over twenty years ago, you’re striking gold”

LP: ‘Afters’ available to stream/buy on very ltd vinyl or CD (K-Scope Records)

Crayola Lectern signs to Blow Up Songs

We are pleased to announce that Chris Anderson AKA Crayola Lectern has signed an agreement with Blow Up Songs for worldwide representation. This includes the two songs Slow Down and I Will Never Hurt which were recorded for the highly acclaimed Helicopter of The Holy Ghost album Afters (K-Scope Records).

Crayola Lectern’s critically lauded albums, The Fall and Rise of… (2013, Bleeding Heart Recordings) and Happy Endings (2018, Onomatopoeia Records) have been compared by the critics to Lalo Schifrin, Henry Mancini, Burt Bacharach, Neal Hefti amongst a plethora of other notable film score composers.

The music is often emotive and textural with sophisticated arrangements, centred around the piano with a palette covering melancholia, with a pastoral/psychedelic flavour, through to exciting and tempestuous “adventure music,” which sets the imagination alight. Chris Anderson, the man behind the mask, also works with several notable music makers as a multi-instrumentalist and collaborator and his interests beyond Crayola extend to composing music to film.

Aki Omori signs to Blow Up Songs

We are pleased to announce that Aki Omori has signed a publishing agreement with Blow Up Songs for worldwide representation of her catalogue, which include co-writes with The Orb and Freaky Realistic.

Aki a London based artist was a vocalist for Freaky Realistic for the album Frealism on Polydor Records, the song Koochie Ryder was picked by actor Bill Nighy chose as one of his Desert Island Discs selection. Aki was later a featured guest vocalist for The Orb for tracks Once More which peaked at #38 on the UK Singles Chart and Centuries both taken from the album Cydonia (Island Records 2001) and also for the track Sail with The Orb.

Alex Paterson of The Orb commenting on Once More “Aki Omori used to sing with a band called Freaky Realistic and we hooked up a few years ago. For once, we actually sat down round the kitchen table and started writing the song – which is unheard of for me”.

Aki also worked with William Orbit for a time for the project Strange Cargo.

Adrian Lane signs to Blow Up Songs

We are pleased to announce that Adrian Lane has signed to Blow Up Songs for worldwide representation for his compositions for the albums Slow Autumn At My Window, I Have Promises To Keep and Home Diaries 23- Indigo and Salt Peter. Blow Up will also represent the masters for the these albums for sync licencing.

British artist Adrian Lane produces quiet, intimate neo-classical music that explores sounds largely from acoustic sources, but using the computer as a writing tool, he works much more like an electronic musician. The music feels acoustic, and employs a combination of age-old instruments (piano, violin, alto and baritone bowed psalteries, acoustic guitar, banjo, zither, glockenspiel) mixed with synthesizers and virtual instruments and constructed in a way that could only be achieved with modern technology.  Adrian likes to tread the line between the real and the synthetic so that this would be difficult to discern for the listener.

Adrian Lane has released 8 albums to date, on the labels Preserved Sound, Hibernate Recordings and Whitelabrecs, and each album focuses on a different palette of sounds. Some albums are largely piano based, and others have no piano at all, focusing more on stringed instruments.

Each piece has a melancholy, cinematic quality with a strong sense of melody; “It’s quite amazing to experience the diverse piano melodies that Lane is able to create throughout a 53 minute masterpiece of works.” writes Ambiance Glitters on his album ‘I Have Promises To Keep’.

“… an itinerary of reflective and autumnal sensations, oriented towards a serene and subtly melancholy contemplation” – Music Won’t Save You

Cosmetique signs to Blow Up Songs.

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Churchill has signed an agreement with Blow Up Songs to represent her compositions for the noughties alternative pop duo Cosmetique for worldwide music publishing representation. The deal will include all the compositions for the bands two albums I Was Born In A Disco Funpub and The Lace and the Longing. This now brings both of the Cosmetique duo members of Sarah Churchill and Justin Anderson together under the Blow Up Songs umbrella, as Justin is already published for his share of these compositions by Blow Up Songs.

For further Cosmetique / Blow Up Songs reading:

Blow Up Songs signs agreement with Rocking Gorillas Music for catalogue representation in Brazil.

Blow Up Songs is pleased to announce that it has signed a sub-publishing agreement with Rocking Gorillas Music to represent the Blow Up Songs catalogue for Brazil. The deal will include creative licencing representation for sync opportunities in the territory.

Big Boss Man 'Hail Caesar' used in the film Hotel Eleon in Sochi.

Hail Caesar which is taken from the forth Big Boss Man album Last Man on Earth was recently licenced for use in the Russian film Hotel Eleon in Sochi. The film is part of the long running hit comedy series Kitchen that airs on STS.

Hail Caesar was written by Nasser Bouzida. Performed by Big Boss Man. Taken from the album Last Man on Earth (Blow Up Records).

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